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PF Project Status Module

Display the status of your Projectfork projects in a Joomla module!

PF Projects Status Module is a configurable Joomla module that displays the percentage progress of your Projectfork projects utilizing animated progress bars.

PF  Projects Status Module is compatible with Joomla versions 1.7.x , 2.5.x and all versions of ProjectFork 3.0.x.


1. Simply navigate to Extensions->Extension Manager and install.


1. Within Joomla backend navigate to Extensions->Module Manager and click on PF Projects Status.

The configuration options allow you to:

  1. set the color for the progress bar
  2. set the color for the progress bar's container
  3. set the type of border style (solid, dotted, dashed) for the progress bar's container
  4. define the width of the progress bar's container border
  5. define the width (in precentage) and the height (in pixels) of the bar container
  6. define if the project description should be displayed and if it is, how it should be displayed:
    1. as a div beneath the progress bar
    2. as a tooltip when you hover of the project name
  7. define whether the actual progress percentage value should be displayed
  8. define what projects to display:
    1. Show all Active Projects
    2. Show Public Projects Only
    3. Show Public and Relevant User Projects.

Projects to display explained:

As stated above you can elect to display certain types of projects. To help you decide which option to select here's a brief overview of each of the options:

Show all Active Projects:

All projects whether they are public or private will be displayed. If a user is not logged into your site they can see a list of all your active projects but have no way of gaining access to the actual Project unless the project is a public project in which case the project's title will be hyperlinked to its details page.

Once a user logs in and if they are a member of any of the displayed 'non public' projects the Project's title will be hyperlinked so that they can click the title and be taken to the project details page.

Show Public Project Only:

Only public projects are displayed with each Project title hyperlinked to the relevant project detail page.

Show Public and Relevant User Projects:

If a user is logegd in and they are a member of a project they will be able to see their projects, each of which will be hyperlinked to the project's details page. They will also see any public projects.

Joomla Front End Display:

Here is a screenshot of how the module looks. It has been tested in Firefox 9.0.x, the latest version of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 and 9.