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iCal Calendar Subscription Pro

Stay informed by subscribing to your Project's Tasks, Milestones and Events!

iCal Calendar Subscription Pro has just been updated to version 1.0.5. This version checks whether our free Project, Task and Milestone mod has been installed and will use those milestone and task start dates instead of the default milestone and task creation date as the start date.
iCal Calendar Subscription Pro is compatible with Joomla versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 and all versions of ProjectFork 3.0.x

iCal Calendar Subscription Pro is a configurable ProjectFork panel and process that delivers a method to either subscribe to your Project's tasks, milestones and events or download an ics file of your Project's tasks, milestones and events.


1. simply upload the provided zip file via ProjectFork's installation uploader and the ical process and panel are automatically installed.


1. go to config -> Processes and Edit iCal Subscription / Download Process by entering your default Timezone. If you are unsure of what to enter follow the link in the description for help.

2. go to config -> Panels and Edit iCal Calendar Panel by selecting the appropriate "Subscribe to tasks and milestones assigned to" value. If you want the user that is subscribing or downloading a project calendar to see all taks and milestones associated with the Project select "All project Members". Alternatively select "Logged in user" if you want the subscription or download to only include tasks assigned to or milestones created by the subscriber.

How to:

Go to Calendar and note the new panel as illustrated below: This panel provides 2 buttons: iCal Subscribe and iCal Download

clicking the iCal Download button creates the ics file and prompts the user to download it.

clicking the iCal Subscribe button generates a webcal url appropriate for the user and based on the panel configuration parameters.

clicking this link will launch a subscription prompt.


Microsoft Outlook has yet to provide complete adherence to the ical specification. As such vtodos are not implemented.

What is a vtodo? VTODO explains a to-do item, i.e., an action-item or assignment. All Project tasks have been classified as todo's. So if you subscribe to a Calendar with Microsoft Outlook you will not see any task information. The only thing that you see are project and milestone information as illustrated below.

If however you subscribe to a calendar with Apple's iCal application you will see everything.